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For a long time, our company has been helping individuals and businesses stand out through smart and engaging embroidery designs. If you’re looking for someone based in the US, you’ve come to the right place.

Embroidery Digitizing Service

If you get bad digitizing your production suffers

Our team at EmbroideryLogos understands how important it is for your designs to have minimum trims and optimum stitches. Your embroidery machine operator will clearly see the difference in our designs and it will reflect on your production sheet

What Makes us Difference

US Owned and operated, experience helps you a better design
Founded in 1992, we started as a small embroidery operation doing local business and our own Digitizing. Our Digitizing business expanded steadily mostly by referral. When we did start marketing our Digitizing some companies were hesitant to give us their Digitizing work because we were actually competitors in the embroidery business. When I thought about it I would have felt the same, giving a competitor my customers designs. In 1998 we sold our Embroidery business and our equipment and decided to make Digitizing our FULL-TIME BUSINESS.

Our Services

Vector Artwork

When you rely on outside providers for high-volume production of vector artwork, quality is critical

Embroidery Digitizing

Instead of investing in hardware and software or using expensive freelancers, try Idea Custom Solutions for high-quality.

Image Editing

Businesses often repurpose photographs for online use, clean them up to remove unwanted effects, or have colors and/or logos changed.

Virtual Samples

Shorten the sales cycle and sell more by allowing customers to see in advance how their orders will look once branded, with our virtual samples.

Marketing Materials

You can offer multi-media campaigns to customers, building on your products to include printed brochures, emails, product sheets .

Custom Creative

Idea Custom Solutions provides professional-level creative, from full-time designers with extensive training.

Artwork Service

Make It Pop

When it comes to printing the quality of art makes all the difference. We provide you with an amazing hand-drawn artwork service that is both reliable and cost-effective

Our Gallery

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

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Success Stories

Sorry about the slow response.

YES! You beat the challenge hands down. I’ll never doubt you again. Not that I did to begin with.

Just to let you know. I’m very happy with the quality & service that you have provided. It feels good when my customers are excited about how great things look. I feel your part of the reason.

So Please keep making me look good.
Elite Embroidery

Bobby Smith Angel Witicker

Head of Marketing, Extra Space

How’s the AM1530 logo coming? I had warned them that it would be a lot of stitches.

I have had a lot of praise from the Barracuda hockey team and I told them that I have a great digitizer and that make my job easier.

Thanks for doing such a great job.

Melinda Debra Becker

Founder & CEO, Divi Corner

outstanding, the detail is amazing. Thank you for your time……….

Yeager’s Embroidery


Heath John Wise

Head of Design, Elegant Themes

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