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For over 33 years our company has been helping individuals and businesses stand out through smart and engaging embroidery designs. If you are looking to get your designs digitised professionally, you have come to the right place. Our designs sew better with minimum trims and minimum colour changes for maximum production.

Embroidery Digitizing Service

The quality of digitising is very important from a production point of view. An experienced digitizer knows what to do in order to get your design stitch beautifully. Our design team has the right amount of experience and talent to produce your logos so that they embroider flawlessly on your machines.

What makes us different

We have been in the in the embroidery industry for a long time. We realised that in order to make a perfect logo it has to be stitched out on a similar fabric first.
Hence all our designs are actually machine tested before we send them out to our customers.
There are customers who prefer untested designs just so they get a better price.
Our system allows to offer both type of services (premium £10 and cheap £7).

Our Services

Vector Artwork

Our digital artists have years of experience of vectoring images, day-in-day-out. With us you can get consistent high-quality results at incredibly low costs.

Embroidery Digitizing

Instead of investing in hardware and software or using expensive freelancers, we serve you with an ideal solution for high-quality designs at a brilliant price.


We have been in the embroidery industry for more than 33 years. Our excess to IT technology helped us gain a major insight into different aspects of embroidery. We take a look at each badge order so we can provide you with the right technique and the perfect badge for your product.

Artwork Service

Make It Pop

When it comes to printing the quality of art makes all the difference. We provide you with an amazing hand-drawn artwork service that is both reliable and cost-effective

Our Gallery

Success Stories

“YES! You beat the challenge hands down. I’ll never doubt you again. Not that I did to begin with”.

“Just to let you know. I’m very happy with the quality & service that you have provided. It feels good when my customers are excited about how great things look. I feel your part of the reason”.

“So Please keep making me look good.
Elite Embroidery”

Bobby Smth

“How’s the AM1530 logo coming? I had warned them that it would be a lot of stitches”.

“I have had a lot of praise from the Barracuda hockey team and I told them that I have a great digitizer and that make my job easier”.

“Thanks for doing such a great job”.


“Outstanding, the detail is amazing. Thank you for your time……….”.

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